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Established 1901 






















The MADELITE Floodk .. . . . 
mand for a floodlight that is more useful and practical, that is built 
stronger, that is more durable, weatherproof, and waterproof, and that 
is more flexible and economical than any other floodlight previously 
available. More powerful than any other unit, the MADELITE Flood- 
light is the ideal light source for industrial, theatre, showroom, and 
general utility lighting. Because it produces a tremendous amount ol 
light from the small amount of current consumed, the MADELITE 
Floodlight has thousands of uses ranging from the illumination of 
automobile salons, photographers' studios, theatre stages, orchestra 
pits, and store windows to the lighting of paint shops, duco shops, 
freight and ship yards, night-time building construction and the 
exterior floodlighting of buildings. In general, it is used wherever in- 
tense short range, or long range lighting is desired at minimum cost. 


In order that it may best serve any one of its wide variety of uses, the 
MADELITE Floodlight is constructed so that it can be mounted by 
any method that each particular installation calls for. By means of the 
variety of mounts with which it can be equipped, the MADELITE 
Floodlight can be mounted on any flat or curved surface, whether 
horizontal or perpendicular; and on pipes, poles, or portable stands. 
After the Floodlight is mounted, the light beam can be adjusted to any 
conceivable angle which properly illuminates the work to be lighted 

The MADELITE Floodlight Unit equipped 
with stand and cable as it is used in studios, 
industrial plants, theatres, paint shops, and 



The MADELITE Floodlight is provided 

with a focusing unit which allows the 
lamp to be adjusted to such a point that a 
wide or sharp beam is produced for either 




range projection, 
automatically allows for focal rectification 
of lamps of non-uniform light center length 
which cannot be brought into focus in 
other types of floodlights. The focusing 
unit, like all MADELITE improvements, 
is a simple, guaranteed trouble-free mech- 
anism which is unique, practical, and 
accurate. The accurate focusing possible 
in the MADELITE Floodlight conserves 
and prevents spilled light. Where light 
must be confined to a small area, we pro- 
vide a spill ring which fits and locks on 
with the same cover which holds the lens 

Aluminum spill rings attached to 
MADELITE Floodlight Unit for special 
conditions. The rings confine the 
"spilled" light so that the flood can be 

held nearly to a spot 





Light'Projecting Power 

By use of a special heat-resisting finish spun aluminum reflector of correct para' 
bolic shape, the MADELITE Floodlight Unit assures two to three times more 
projected candle-power per watt than do other types. Highly polished alumi- 
num is virtually as efficient a reflector as silver, and since the finish of our re- 
flectors cannot be tarnished by any heat which will not decompose the metal 
of which they are made, a 100% efficient life-time reflector is assured. The 
metal reflector contributes to the ruggedness of the MADELITE Floodlight 
because it is nonbreakable, and to the weatherproof qualities because it cannot 

We also equip the MADELITE Floodlight with a ground silvered glass 
reflector manufactured especially for us by Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, N. Y. 
This reflector is a spun parabola of the same proportions as our metal reflector, 
made from special heat-resisting glass, and is guaranteed not to crack or peel. 


The polished bell-shaped housing 
provides a fine clean-cut appearance. 
Note that the lock- knuckle for ad- 
justing position of the flood is so 
constructed that the teeth become 
positively disengaged when the 
wing nut is loosened. Smooth 
swinging of the flood to any desired 
position where it will remain firmly 
fixed is easy with MADELITE 



In order to insure weatherproof features the housin 

Floodlight is spun to a graceful design from one piece of heavy gauge-polished 
aluminum. The cover, into which different lenses can be fastened with a water-tight fit, locks on to the 
housing with the famous MADELITE quick, positi\ 

num housing is further completely reinforced with steel. It is practically indestructible. The G, E. Porce 

lain socket (medium or Mogul) is encased in an individual spun metal housing to conform with the most 

rigid municipal and Underwriters electrical codes. Superior design has reduced assembly of the unit to 

e number of unit parts. Each MADELITE Floodlight is delivered 

completely assembled and wired with 6 feet of G. E. asbestos cord. 
Standard equipment consists of a special daylight stippled heat- 
resisting lens. Floodlights will be equipped with natural color 
lenses of any color, or with spill rings, on request. 


Note the simplicity which insures weatherproof con- 
struction. The focusing device is controlled by the 
single screw in the center of the rear tip of the 


The MADELITE patented toothed swivel lock knuckle is 
standard equipment on the Floodlight. The upper half is riveted 
to the lamp housing, while the lower half is fitted with standard 
3/2'inch pipe thread and may be attached to standard "candle-stick" 
bracket, pipe hanger, or portable stand. Unless otherwise specified, 
MADELITE Floodlights are furnished with "candle-stick" brackets 
as illustrated. 

Specify type of support needed and Type 400 for using 200W 
to 400 W Mazda G bulb, or Type 500 for using 500W to 2000 W 
Mazda G bulb. 

List price, Type 400 or Type 500 complete with either Sterling silvered glass or 
special metal reflector, and with either "candlestick" bracket or pipe hanger. $30.00 

List price, complete same as above except equipped with portable stand with 
18'inch diameter cast base $40.00 




The MADELITE steel-aluminum spotlight stands as 
an individual among others of its kind because it is 

"Made Right for Better Light." The MADELITE 

Spotlight is the result of employing practical sug- 
gestions for improvement that were made to us by 
scores of theatre electricians, operators, and produc- 
ers. Nothing has been overlooked in the matter of 
lighting efficiency, strength, portability, ruggedness, 
or convenience of handling and using. At the first 
touch of a MADELITE Spotlight, the operator 
knows that he has an instrument which was de- 
signed by those with years of actual experience 
with theatre lighting conditions and requirements. 
In the illustration you will note the single point 
pipe stand support with the famous MADELITE 
free-moving toothed lock knuckle. This assures ab- 
solutely free and easy perpendicular adjustment 
combined with positive rigidity when locked. This 
is a feature which all operators demand, and (be- 
cause of patents) with which only MADELITE 

Products are equipped. 

MADELITE Standard Spotlight equipped 
with hanger for fastening to pipe batten 
in the drops. Note the many advantages 
of the improved single point support. 

fastened. Each Spotlight is wired with a G. E. mo- 
gul socket mounted so that the lamp filament may be 
adjusted to the condenser focus both laterally and 
vertically. An unusually long focal range is provided 
so that the projected spot may be varied from a wide 

The MADELITE Spotlight is furnished with flood to a baby pin spot. 

stand and cable, or without, as desired. The stand is 
equipped with a heavy cast iron base 18 inches in 
diameter, provided with holes for fastening with 
stage screws when necessary. The MADELITE 
stand, however, is very hard to tip over when not 

A conventional view showing the extreme simplicity of the 
MADELITE Spotlight. The color slide holders are pressed 
aluminum and cannot break like castings. 

The hood of the MADELITE Spotlight is made of 
pressed sheet aluminum, and is integrally strength' 
ened with raised ribs pressed into the long side 
walls. It is so designed that no destructive strain is 
applied to any part of the unit except the girder, 
which is built into the rectangular base of the hood 
for the purpose of withstanding any strain. A spot' 
light with the lamp in perfect focal alignment with 
the condenser at ALL TIMES throughout the years 
of its use is thus assured. 

An imported five point high polish 6-inch con- 
densing lens is furnished with each MADELITE 
Spotlight. The lens holder is scientifically ventilated 
and is so constructed that the condenser cannot fall 
out or become loosened by rough handling. 

List price complete with 25 feet of G. E. extra flexible stage 
cable for use with 1000W to 2000W G48 lamp $40.00 

Price complete with stand and cable $50.00 





The MADELITE Baby Spotlight is identical in every 
detail with the MADELITE Standard Spotlight, ex- 
cept that it is proportionally reduced in size in all 
dimensions. It embodies the same fine technique em- 
ployed in the design of the standard Spotlight. It is 
"Made Right for Better Light." 

The MADELITE Baby Spotlight is equipped with 
an imported 424-inch condenser lens instead of the 
y inch lens commonly used in inferior equipment. The 
Baby Spot is provided with 2 feet of asbestos cord and 
a G. E. meduim base socket encased in a metal housin 
This socket receives the standard 250W or 400 W type 
G30 Mazda lamp. A clear, definite, non-striated pin 
spot not obtained from any other than a MADE- 
LITE Baby Spotlight, is produced. 

This spotlight, aside from being low in price, is 
ideal for use in artists' and photographers' studios, for 
producing unusual effects in window-trims, for throw- 
ing a pinspot from the booth of the theatre, and for 
spotlighting from the wings, footlights, proscenium 
front, or drops of any stage. Aside from these spe- 
cific applications the MADELITE Baby Spotlight has 
a thousand and one other uses. 

List price of the MADELITE Baby Spotlight, completely wired 
with G. E. socket and 25 feet of G. E. flexible stage cable, and 
equipped with 4 H" inch condenser, stand, and MADELITE 
toothed swivel-knuckle, complete $30.00 

The MADELITE Baby Spot- 
light complete with stand. 
This model is popular with 
artists, illustrators, and 





In general keepin 





and a piece of metal that has some kind of "reflecting" property. The 

MADELITE Olivette uses a highly efficient retlector which positively 
assures greater production and conservation of light than does a mere 
painted surface. 

Aside from being "Made Right for Better Light" the MADELITE 
Olivette is made right for longer lamp life. It is ventilated, and for this pur' 
pose it is designed with a view toward actually permitting the circulation 
of cool air around the lamp itself. Positive ventilation is introduced by the 
MADELITE Olivette. 


are wired with 25 feet of G. E. extra flexible stage cable. Standard equip 



furnished with pipe hanger or candlestick bracket for mounting on plat 



bind or impair the smooth movement of the lamp head when the knuckle 
is loosened for adjustment of the angle of light projection. Aside from its 
other superiorities, a MADELITE Olivette is to be preferred for this 
trouble-proof knuckle alone. 

All MADELITE Olivettes are provided with an insulated handle 
which remains cool and permits easy handling and adjustment. 

The MADELITE Olivette uses standard Type C 1000W, 1500W or 
2,000 W lamps; but when used with the 1000 W size, the MADELITE 
Olivette produces a uniform flood of greater light intensity than do most 
other olivettes when using the 1500W or 2000W lamp. 

List Price, completely wired and equipped with stand, cable 

and color slide. Lamp not included 


The MADELITE Olivette shown complete with 
stand, stage cable, and color frame. Note color- 
frame holder which snaps shut when color- 
frame is in place so that the latter cannot fall 
out with rough handling. 





The superior lighting efficiency of MADELITE Footlights of 
either the permanent or disappearing type is the result of the 
use of correct lighting principles just as has been done in other 
MADELITE equipment. The old way to light a stage was to 
line up as many current consuming lamps as could be put 
into the given space of a trough along the front of the stage. 
When these blazed away, what light there was that was not 
broadcast to the auditorium ceiling in front of the proscenium, 

or that was not absorbed in the dull sides of the footlight trough , 

MADELITE Footlights, The old way of using dipped 
lamps which fade when heated, and which at best are different 
in shade each time a new batch is used, is eliminated. The 
lenses are fastened to the reflector by the exclusive MADE- 
LITE application of the bayonet lock. The bayonet locking 
ring contains the lens and is attached quickly and firmly — and 
can be removed easily and just as quickly. 

Lights are placed on 6 inch centers and circuits are wired 
according to specifications furnished by the user. G. E. sockets 

A small section of a MADELITE Footlight illustrating 

the simple form of assembly and the neat appearance. 

was then used for lighting the stage and back drops. MADE- 
LITE Footlights, on the other hand, are "Made Right for Better 
Light/' Through the use of baked enameled individual reflectors 
designed for use with the highly efficient type PS Mazda 
lamp, a much higher percentage of useful light is thrown from 
a MADELITE Footlight than ever was thrown from any other 
type of footlight which burned 100% more current. The 
enameled reflectors aside from being efficient and non-breakable, 
clean very easily and remain efficient. 

Color effects remain permanent because of the use of natural 
color light diffusing lenses which are standard equipment with 

Illustration of an actual 
installation of M A D E- 
LITE Standard Footlights 
in a DeLuxe Theatre, y 

and G. E. wire are used throughout, the entire construction 
complying with the strictest Underwriters and municipal re- 
quirements. Each lamp, as in other made right MADELITE 
equipment, is thoroughly ventilated. MADELITE Permanent 
Footlights are furnished complete with Edison base sockets 
and are wired with G. E. heavy insulated wire. 

Permanent footlights furnished complete with sheet metal 
wiring box, porcelain enameled spun steel reflectors, light dif- 
fusing convex clear and colored lenses in bayonet locking frames, 
but without any gutter lining or decorative hood at a list price 

of, per foot $12.00 

Extra glass lenses either clear or any natural color are, list price, each . . . .$2.00 

For footlights of curved construction to fit any given specification, add to 
the above list price, per foot $3.00 

This is the individual lighting unit consisting 
of spun steel enameled reflector complete with 
light diffusing color lens t by which MADELITE 
Standard and Disappearing Footlights are 

made efficient. 



For Auditorium Platforms, School 
Stages, Little Theatres, Temples, 
Community Houses and other 
organization meeting places, the 
new MADELITE Disappearing Foot- 
lights are more practical and more 
economical than any other here- 
tofore produced. 


That the new MADELITE Disappearing Footlights are fully as efficient as standard theatre 
footlights is more readily understood when the detail of their construction is known. Efficient 
illumination is here obtained by the use of white porcelain enameled reflectors placed on 6'inch 
centers and designed for the use of standard type PS 75 to 150 watt lamps. Only a standard 
clear glass lamp is required, doing away with expensive natural color lamps or the necessity of 
obtaining poor results with dipped lamps. Color effects are obtained by using natural color 
light diffusing lenses which are furnished with the footlights. Standard equipment consists of clear 
daylight, blue, and red lenses. Other colors will be furnished upon request at no extra charge. 

MADELITE Disappearing Footlights are built in five-foot sections comnletelv w 


and immediately connected by the stage electrician. Absolute simplicity of installation is 
assured with the maplewood trim to which the MADELITE Disappearing Footlight is fastened. 

Another feature in which 

the MADELITE Disappearing 

Footlight is individual, is the 

"Bayonet Lock" by which the 

lenses are attached to the reflec' 

tors. This assures a positive 

attachment which at the same 

time will allow easy removal for cleaning or instantaneous change of lamps 
or color lenses. 

All of these practical features are the result of years of close study of 
Light, and theatre lighting conditions, and are points of superiority not 
found in any other make of lighting equipment. 



View of closed Disappearing F 
beneath stage. Note the safev 




MADELITE Disappearing Footlights 
are exceptionally rugged as well as 
practical, simple, and fool-proof. 
The footlights are wired permanently 
so that they are immediately ready 
for operation when opened. An unique 
automatic switch is used so that the 
footlights cannot burn when closed. 


The two positive requirements of Disappearing Footlights are that they must efficiently provide 
correct illumination, and that they must be easily vanished from sight, leaving a clear and level stage 
or platform. When MADELITE Disappearing Footlights are open, a simple twist with a screw- 
driver or a key (provided with each footlight) on three flush latches allows them to be swung 
with little or no effort into the closed position and there latched. The result is a solid level stage. 
Naturally and simply enough, the reverse operation will provide footlights on a stage which 
was a level platform a moment before. 

wired correctly and permanently, and are permanently connected to the 
stage switchboard in the usual manner when installed. As it is always connected there is no 
confusion about circuit connections when the footlight is opened for instant use. Each footlight 
is wired for the standard three circuits. The prospective user should keep in mind that only the 

Footlight is equal in illumination to the most efficient Standard type 

(which, by the way is the 

MADELITE Standard Footlight, 
Made right for better L 
MADELITE Disappearing Foot- 
light provides ample illumination 
for all effects without any spots 

ht or back wall shadows. 



For each five foot unit, three circuits completely wired, equipped with wood 
trim and swinging cover, automatic cut-off switch, spun steel enameled reflec- 
tor units, with clear or natural color heat-resisting lenses, and wirmg box for 

contractor's conduit, complete. 

LIST PRICE $100.00 

t when looking upward from 
les, cables and compactness. 





The new MADELITE unit type Borderlight embodies more 
excellent features than have ever before been combined in 
any single piece of stage lighting equipment. As a lighting 
unit it cannot be excelled; for inasmuch as it is a MADELITE 
product it is "Made Right for Better Light." 

The spun steel enameled reflectors are designed to "hug" the 
neck of the lamp so that 20% greater efficiency is obtained 

and bottom so that not even a gauze drop can foul on it. The 
Borderlight is properly balanced for perfect hanging with the 
adjustable steel chain hangers furnished with each unit. These 
hangers also permit the angle of light to be varied at the will 


employed so that the Borderlight cannot sag when hung. Every 


The spun steel porcelain The well made MADELITE Borderlight hung in place. Illustrating method 

enameled reflector used only of supporting, and the semicircular guards which prevent drops from 

in MADELITE Border lights *ouling and which protect lenses when Borderlight is lowered to stage 

than in other similar types of borderlights. Type C Masda receptacles wired on separate circuits for work lights, extra spot 

lamps are used because of their high light-producing efficiency. lights or other special lighting units in the drops. There is no 

More light is thus obtained at smaller cost than is obtained other borderlight which combines all these points of superiority. 

from the old straight sided type of bulb. Furnished complete with G. E. Mogul sockets, correctly wired for circuits 

.- j 1 rr and colors (per your specifications), including chain hangings, special bayonet 

Each individual lamp is correctly ventilated to insure long life. locking frames with gelatines, or similar frames for natural color lenses. List 

The entire borderlight housing is price, per foot $14.00 

thoroughly ventilated without any ^^^^ H *£ r ™^ clear > da >' h ^ ht ' or natural color non^diffusmg ^nses $ Ust 

light leakage. Each reflector opening ^| J^^^Otel Extra bayonet locking frames for glass lenses. List price, each $2.00 

is provided with a rim to which the 

frame used on all MADELITE 
equipment may be attached. This 
frame permits the use of natural color 
lenses which produce better and more 
permanent color effects than do gel- 
atine frames. The frames lock firmly 
to the reflectors so that the glass 

lenses cannot fall off or be removed ^^^^^^^^^^ 

without being taken off by the stage ^^^^^^ p _ 

hand. When necessary for quick ^l^^^fck 

change, however, or for cleaning, the jj\ HP^j^f ^k 

lense can be easily removed by a ^ \ *^F*^U L ^fir 

quarter turn of the frame to the left. .m- ^\jT ju/m iiws \ KsmMMirs 

Gelatine frames can be furnished ^^^M^^V- / * W 'W f """l^ A 

which lock against the reflector in the I Mi m - §^1 ^Br/jv( smj «- 

same manner as do the lense frames. Ml i V h ><i ■ » / ^^^Kill^^ 

The MADELITE Borderlight is """" 

perfectly smooth on top, ends,sides, ^^^^_ 

Note the overall smooth construction and the simplicity of the 
MADELITE Borderlight. Also the receptacle wired on a sepa- 
rate circuit for plugging in Baby Spotlights, Worklights, etc. 





Correct illumination of store 
windows is now possible through 
use of the new MADELITE 
floodlight type Window Border- 
lights. These Window Lights 
are an entirely new departure 
from conventional design, and 
employ the correct lighting prin- 
ciples embodied in the MADE 
LITE Floodlight. As can be seen 
from the illustration, the Win- 
dow Borderlights are made up of 

the essential light producing 
element of our Floodlight unit 
placed on 14-inch centers. It is 
obvious that a darling flood of 
properly directed light can thus 
be produced at small cost. The 
value of this feature is recog- 
nized by merchants who realize 
that a valuable window trim can 
be spoiled unless intensely illu- 
minated without shadows as is 

done bv MADELITE Window 

A small section of MADELITE 
Windowtights as they appear in 
use. Note the convenience outlet 
and the ease with which the unit 
may be adjusted for angle oj tig fit 


ach light The entire unit housing is built of heavy No. 20 

standard gauge galvanized sheet metal lacquered in any finish 

bayonet locking lens-holder with the MADELITE to match the window ceiling. A G. E. convenience 

heat-resisting day-light glass lens. Lenses consisting outlet on a separate circuit is provided near each 

of the same glass in natural colors can be furnished end of the MADELITE Window Borderlight, for 

if requested. They are easily interchangeable to pro- attaching fans, extra floodlights, or appliances used 

vide desired color effects. 

MADELITE Window Borderlights are built to 
order for 200W to 500W standard G3C or G40 
Mazda lamps. As they are completly wired with 
G. E. mogul sockets and No. 12 wire, they allow 
2000 Watts to a circuit. Each Window Borderlight 
is supported at each end by our candlestick bracket 
fastened to the ceiling as illustrated. Each support 
is provided with the MADELITE patented toothed 
swivel knuckle so that the Windowlight can be 
easily adjusted and set at any angle. 


in the window trim. When ordering Window 
Borderlights, specify distance of drop from ceiling 
and from which end current is to be fed, and 
whether the MADELITE metal reflector or the 
STERLING silvered glass reflector is to be furnished. 

List price on Window Borderlights complete with metal or 
glass reflectors, heat resisiting daylight glass lenses, supports 
from ceiling, and completely wired, less lamps, per foot — $16.00 

J^atural color lenses instead of daylight 
will be furnished upon request. 

Other special window lighting equipment built to your order. 
Prices quoted on receipt of your specifications. 




"Art Glass 9 '' gives this sign its 
pleasing appearance. 



conspicuous. The standard sign is made up of red and white marble art glass con- 
struction which creates a sign of pleasing appearance. Each sign is mounted on a 

steel box containing one or more G. E. sockets as ordered, and provided with ^-inch 
knockouts all around. Cleaning and renewal of lamps is very easy, and boxes are 


Signs are 4^ inches deep, 8 inches high and 14 inches wide. 



architecture of De Luxe houses can be furnished on request. These signs will be 
similar to those we have already installed in the finest theatres of Chicago, New 
York and Los Angeles. Prices quoted on application. 


They are provided with beautiful white porcelain enameled 
fronts, and are equipped with a G. E. socket mounted in a 
steel box. The box measures 6Y& in. x 4% in. x 2H in., and is 
very easy to install because it is provided with standard 
knockouts all around. 

Louvre light with hor- 
izontal type cover re- 
moved from box. 

List price, either horizontal or vertical types, each 

$2 SO full view of horizontal 

type cover. 


Vertical type cover 

Equipment and work light stand. 


MADELITE Equipment Work Lights and Cleaner Stands consist of our 
regular adjustable 6 -foot equipment stand with cast base provided with a 
G . E. weather proof socket and 25 feet of G. E. flexible stage cable. These 
work lights provide an unusually portable means of illuminating theatre 
auditoriums or other places where a light is needed without unnecessarily 
burning all the house lights. 

MADELITE Equipment Work Lights complete less lamps. List price, each $12.00 

MADELITE Equipment Stands only, for mounting Spotlights, Olivettes, Floodlights, and 
other equipment. List price, each $10.00 




The cut illustrates a small section of our illuminated interchangeable letter canopy sign. 
Glass letters of any desired color are irremovably cemented to white porcelain enameled 
sheet metal backgrounds. The letter-units measure 7 inches — a width which permits letters 
of a size to be easily identified from a comparatively long distance, and yet which permits a 
maximum of announcements to be displayed in a limited space. The letter units are engaged 
with the sign backing at both top and bottom, so that they cannot possibly fall out. They 
are easily removed, however, by merely lifting each letter-unit upward and outward so 
that it becomes disengaged and can be lowered from the sign. 

Particularly effective illumination is provided by our standard porcelain enameled spun 
steel reflector units placed on 7-inch centers exactly in line with each letter as illustrated. 
Each reflector unit is equipped with our special heat-resisting lens which is attached by 
means of the exclusive MADELITE bayonet locking frame. Natural color glass lenses can 
be supplied for producing special color effects; but unless otherwise specified, daylight 
glass lenses will be furnished. 

The construction of canopy signs is special work and must be done to your specifications. 
Trigger-like service is guaranteed, and of course, MADELITE quality is built into the signs. 

Prices will be quoted on a factory-cost-plus basis on receipt of your specifications. 

Small section of 

double row canopy 

sign showing novel 



MADELITE Striplights are construc- 
ted of best quality heavy gauge sheet 
iron conduit and are equipped with 
G. E. medium base sockets. They are 

Standard section of MADELITE Striplight showing G. E. receptacles wired on 4-inch centers. 

- — — — — — ^ — ^ — m> ■ -»*- -^^- Mwr "^^ ^™^ pan ^*~ mr ^^ » ^^ ^ «■ ^^ r w — mm ^^ 

built with lights on 3, 4, 6 or 12-inch centers and wired for 1, 2, 3 or 4 colors as your specifications require. 
MADELITE Striplights are made in any length or curvature necessary for proscenium, store window, cove, 

or other lighting. Wired to order complete with receptacles on 4-inch centers. List price per foot $3.00 

The spun steel enameled re- 
flector with lens removed. 
MADELITE Covelights are 
most efficient because they 
are fitted with this unit. 


Cove lighting, a special adaptation of indirect lighting, is best accomplished by means of 
the MADELITE Covelights, which use the same "mdividual-unit-reflector and lens" 
idea as it is carried out in MADELITE Footlights and Borderlights. That idea is a 
principle of correct lighting that is carefully embodied in all MADELITE equipment. 
The use of MADELITE Covelights permits the elimination of the usual visible signs 
of artificial lighting without the production of any unpleasant shadows. 

MADELITE Covelights are constructed of best quality heavy gauge sheet iron 
conduit of proper length and curvature to answer your specifications. This construc- 
tion provides a very easy and labor saving means of installation because lights are 
also delivered completely wired to answer your circuit requirements. Light centers vary 
from 3 inches on upward depending on the angle and span of ceiling to be illuminated. 
The size of the white porcelain enameled reflectors also varies with the installation. 

Because each cove lighting job is an individual problem we suggest that you put it 
up to our engineers who will show you how well MADELITE Covelights will provide 
the necessary illumination at small cost. 






Illustrating method 

of locking clamp on 



Madelite Hanger 

One of the most useful accessories to lighting any 
stage or movie set is a suitable clamp or hanger for 
attaching lighting equipment to lighting platforms, 
stands, and pipe battens in the drops. Realizing 
that theatre men were not satisfied with any hanger 
formerly available to them, the Belson Manufactur- 
ing Co. designed, patented, and produced the fa- 
mous MADELITE hanger. Like other MADELITE 
equipment, this hanger is designed with a view 
toward convenience, flexibility, and rugged strength. 

The MADELITE hanger is cast from strong 
malleable iron and treated so that it is absolutely rust 
proof. Its movable clamping jaw is toothed at the 
upper end so that the hanger can be instantly 
adjusted firmly to grasp any size from H'inch to 
iJHrinch pipe. This feature is in contrast with other 
types of hangers where at least two bolts must be 
removed and readjusted in order that the hanger 
will grasp different sized pipes. The MADELITE 
hanger is also reinforced with heavier metal at points 
where greatest stress is applied during service. It 

is provided with a socket threaded for H-inch pipe. 
This allows easy attachment of the MADELITE 
Spotlight, Floodlight, or Olivette for accurate and 
secure placement. 

The signal feature of the MADELITE Hanger is 
that at one operation its jaws open completely so 
that it can be placed around the pipe batten, closed, 
and clamped — all by one man without his having 
another man support the weight of the lighting 
equipment until the hanger is fastened. 

List price of hanger, complete $1.50 

Madelite Qround Clamp 


malleable iron in two forms 

Ground Clamp is made of 

—Type C being identical 
with the MADELITE Equipment Hanger and 
Type R being made primarily for use as a radio 
ground clamp. 

Type G is a particularly fine clamp for making 
rounds for electric service. The conduit required 
in all municipal codes can be screwed right into the 
socket of the clamp, which is threaded for standard 
inch pipe, the wire fed through the conduit, and 
out through the aperture in the clamp for that pur- 
pose. The wire is then fastened under the head of 
the wing nut as it is being tightened down to effect 
a good ground connection. Because of its obvious 
labor-saving qualities, the MADELITE Type C 

Ground Clamp is indispensable to the electrical 
contractor. It pays for itself with the labor saved at a 
single installation. Public utility companies approve 
of it because of the unusually efficient ground con- 
nection it provides through the "biting-in" of its 
rugged teeth. 

List price of Type C Ground Clamp $1.00 

The Type R Ground Clamp bears the same de- 
sign and construction as Type C except that it 
is not provided with the conduit socket. It is de- 
signed primarily for use as an electric ground clamp 
or for other work where a particularly good electrical 
connection is necessary between a wire and a pipe 
or other object. There is no other ground clamp on 
the market today that will provide the positive 
connection which 
is provided by 

Type R Clamp. It 

cannot rust, it is 
applied at a single 
simple operation, it 
bites its electrical 
connection directly 
into the virgin met' 
al, and its cost is 
low. Rugged, rust- 
proof, simple, and of 
high quality malle- 
able iron. 

Hanger or ground clamp 
just before teeth are en- 
gaged, showing end of 
ground wire issuing from 
conduit. It is next fas- 
tened under wing 
nut for electrical 



List price of Type R Clamp . . $0.50 

I 14] 





Made Right for Better Light 



reflectors, do not show more than 3 inches above stage floor, yet spread their light over 
the whole stage without spilling any light whatsoever into the Auditorium. The strong 
continuous wiring box, siz;e 5 by 2 inches, supporting the reflectors, gives a strong 
rugged piece of equipment that serves all requirements. 

MADELITE BORDERLIGHTS illustrated on page 10, with individual porcelain 
enameled reflectors, mogul sockets spaced on 1 2-inch centers, are smaller in size than any 
hitherto made, yet giving the maximum of light ever attained. Overall width when 

hung, including wire guards, is 12J4 inches. 

MADELITE DISAPPEARING FOOTLIGHTS as shown on pages 8 and 9, are made 

to give the finest possible service and occupy the least possible space. Dimensions are as 
follows: Overall length is 6234 inches. Width is 18 inches. Door is 54% inches long and 
13H inches wide. Depth required for recess beneath stage is n inches. 


All MADELITE equipment is shipped direct from the factory at Chicago so that 
trigger service on all rush orders is guaranteed and easily accomplished. We carry a large 
stock for your convenience and are always able to make shipment at once on receipt of 
order. For special work made to order, your specifications are immediately inspected 
and approved by our engineers, and shop requisitions turned in to our factory at once. 
Prompt delivery is thus assured, and highest quality materials and skilled workmanship 
are always guaranteed. 

Special Manufacture 


If what you need especially for your theatre, showroom, or industrial plant is not 
described in this catalog, we will make it special for you exactly to fill your need. Our 
factory is equipped to produce any type of metal spinning, enameled ware, special 
casting, or any type of sheet metal product. We can also supply placques, domes, signs, 
shades, and special decorative features constructed of art glass (products of a nature like 
our Exit Signs). 

Lamp Service 

Users of MADELITE equipment who find it convenient to buy their lamps from us 
can obtain standard G. E. Mazdas of the correct size and type to yield greatest efficiency 
from their equipment. We maintain a complete stock conveniently at your disposal at 
all times. 





















Weather -Proof 


Positively the ideal light source 
for general utility and display 
lighting in showrooms, photog* 
raphers' studios, paint shops, 
duco shops, store windows, etc., 
and for exterior building lighting* 

zMade Right for Better Light